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Display ad building and print-scheduling system with
payment module for daily and weekly newspapers

The Ad Wizard system sells profitable print display ads into newspapers and magazines. Post a link to The Ad Wizard on your web site, invite your community to "Place an Ad", and you too will sell print display ads with the click of a mouse.

Sell more, save money, and make your customers happy
  • Sell more display ads more easily and less expensively with a web based sales system
  • Reduce the cost of sales, receive press-ready artwork and get paid with each order
  • Improve customer service with the convenience of 24/7 sales over the web

The Ad Wizard is a template-based display ad building system for newspapers and magazines with scheduling, pricing and payment modules. Advertisers create their own ad, schedule it, get the price and pay. The newspaper receives a press-ready PDF, and insertion order and the payment directly deposited to its bank. Ad Wizard systems include a complete set of management pages for the publication, and a complete ad history for the advertiser.

Easy to set up, easy to use for your customers and your staff, no servers to buy, manage or maintain, no extra staff, or software - it's a web site, built especially for your newspaper, branded to your paper's style, with your paper's custom URL.

The Ad Wizard has been in use by major market metropolitan dailies and small market weeklies since 2002, and has sold more than $30,000,000 in print display ads including over $9,000,000 in automotive and real estate photo-listing ads. Currently selling more than 5,200 ads per week in auto, real estate and retail display ads in print and online. Link up from your web site with the words "Place an Ad".

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