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Increase revenue, lower costs and improve customer service with The Ad Wizard

Increase revenue from print ads

  • Reach new markets who have traditionally been too costly to pursue by car or phone. The Ad Wizard services small, busy and far away prospects by Internet. Online and with their own computer, new advertisers can buy an display ad on their own schedule and in their own price range.
  • Expand existing accounts who have wanted to increase the size, frequency or color of their ads but haven't been able to budget it. The Ad Wizard displays options for strengthening their ad buy as they schedule and price their current ads.
  • Up-sell self-serve visitors from line to display advertising. The Ad Wizard includes classified display ad templates with custom fonts, borders and images. Given a choice, advertisers will opt for value-added display ads.

Reduce costs on sales and production

  • Save on design and production by converting small-space and pick-up advertisers over to self-serve ad templates. The Ad Wizard includes millions of professionally-designed templates. Design staff are freed up for larger, more creative projects.
  • Maximize your sales force by saving them time, trips and gas. The Ad Wizard markets ad products, takes orders, gathers content, delivers proofs, obtains sign-off, and collects payment automatically. Your sales teams continue to serve current and prospective advertisers that generate higher commissions and revenue.
  • Eliminate make-goods due to errors. With The Ad Wizard's ad acceptance process, customers proofread, verify and sign-off on their ad; then a member of your staff personally reviews its booking, payment and content details. An approved ad arrives in production as a press-ready PDF.

Improve customer service

  • Small business and private party advertisers have consistently described their newspaper's Ad Wizard service as "fun" and "easy to use." That's because a friendly interface, plain language and familiar "Next" button eases visitors through the ad building process.
  • Large organizations and high-frequency advertisers appreciate that The Ad Wizard gives them control over their content and instant access to new, in-progress and previously-created ads. Realtors and auto dealers use the "Auto Data Feed" and "Photo Listing" Power Tools to automatically create large numbers of photo listings for co-op ads or themed special sections.
  • Both advertisers and newspapers want continued service and sales after the front doors are closed for the day. The Ad Wizard system gives customers the 24-hour access they want. It gives newspapers the Internet-powered ad sales they need.
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