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Boost your Standard Ad Wizard system with Power Tools

Now, our most popular custom features are available for the Standard Ad Wizard system. Each add-on module is available separately. Contact us for pricing and details.

Ad taking modules:

Registration Integration. New advertisers who buy display ads online complete a registration form. The Registration Integration module sends that information to a newspaper's enterprise order entry or management system and collects the customer number that it generates. The Ad Wizard uses this number from the existing workflow in subsequent transactions. Use with the Order Entry Integration module.

Order Entry Integration. When an ad is created on The Ad Wizard, the Order Entry Integration module submits the data into a newspaper's enterprise ad order entry system in order to generate an order number from within the existing system. That number becomes the reference across all systems to facilitate workflows. Use with the Registration Integration module.

Credit Card Integration. Add a payment page to your Ad Wizard system to process credit card payments directly to your bank. It's PCI-compliant: immediate, direct, and secure. Once the payment is approved, The Ad Wizard's Credit Card Integration module purges the credit card information from the system.

Ad building modules:

Upload a PDF. Encourage advertisers to submit a press-ready PDF. Show them available publishing dates with prices and wizard them through the ad submission process. Easily fits into the pre-flight workflows of Asura* and Pitstop*. *Asura and Pitstop are trademarks of their registered owners and not part of the Ad Wizard system.

Request an Ad. When an advertiser doesn't see what they want, encourage them to Request an Ad. The Ad Wizard guides them though some ad-spec steps, sends the request to your production department, and sends the artwork to the advertiser. He or she can view the ad proof online, approve it and even mark their changes onscreen with Pushpin Proofing Technology, included.

Design2Web. Give your production staff the tools and training to convert current ads into templates. Designers use Adobe InDesign* and the Design2Web utility to post them onto your newspaper's Ad Wizard site and have them available to one or all of your advertisers online, anytime. Ideal for high-frequency retail, real estate and/or automotive advertisers. Includes Design2Web utility and onsite training. [link to Real Estate Sales System and Automotive Sales System] *Adobe InDesign is a trademark of its registered owner and not part of the Ad Wizard system.

Ad volume modules (for real estate and automotive advertisers):

Automated Data Feed (ADF). Give auto dealers and realtors the tools to create their own listing ads, on their own computer, on their own schedule. From The Ad Wizard they can browse and select inventory from a feed service such as cars.com or MLS. Their selections are automatically flowed into photo listing or display ad templates and then processed through The Ad Wizard system.

Pagination. Automatically create and assemble pages, sections or entire editions of revenue-generating photo listing ads. Real estate or automotive advertisers provide the content on The Ad Wizard (keyboarding or with the Automated Data Feed module) and newspapers provide the ad frames. Populate a pre-designed full-page display ad, or ask about custom photo listing ("parent-and-child") pages with banner folios, classified headings, filler ads and more.

Need some help?
If you or your staff require advanced additional sales, marketing or how-to advice; or a workshop for high frequency advertisers, we'll come to your office for up to four days of training.

"It's perfect, but could you..."
Our Power Tools meet most workflows, but every paper has different markets and needs. Tell us how we can develop a custom module for your newspaper.

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