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Two user-friendly web sites, one powerful system

Every Standard Ad Wizard system includes two web sites: The Ad Wizard site for advertising customers, and the Publisher's Control Panel site for newspaper staff. Together, they sell and manage web-generated display ads automatically.

The Ad Wizard customer site:

  • "Place an Ad" - a link on your current web site gives visitors quick access
  • Easy to use - a friendly interface, plain language and how-to "wizard"
  • Business Types - select from private party, commercial, ad agencies, government and non-profit
  • Ad Types - build ads in standard retail display, classified display, and modular ad sizes
  • Ad Categories - include automotive, real estate, employment, merchandise, services, travel, dining, entertainment, announcements, travel and more
  • Variety - 10 million templates in black-and-white and color
  • Customizable - click a template or "mix and match"
  • Editable - insert new text, images, borders and colors into a template
  • Images - upload, store, edit and purchase images
  • Schedule - save, schedule, submit and re-use ads
  • View - draft, in-progress and past ads
  • Proofread - review, proofread and sign off
  • Payment - pay for ads while online on account or by secure credit card
  • Communication - receive notification emails on an ad's status
  • Record keeping - printer-friendly insertion orders
  • Support - online tutorials, help and glossary

...All online and available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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The Publisher's Control Panel staff site:

  • Peace of mind - 99% uptime with secure tier one servers
  • All access - staff and managers can check sales on- or off-site
  • Marketing tools - bundle ad offers by ad type, category, size or price
  • In-house - choose from hundreds of pre-designed fillers and house ads
  • Sales tools - create and email spec ads, view prospect visits, create email lists
  • Images - upload, store, edit and purchase images for customers
  • Configure - view and manage users and accounts for both staff and advertisers
  • Accounts - record-keep private party, business, government, agency and non-profit accounts
  • Publications - manage editions, rates, specs, schedules, and deadlines
  • Ad Taking - manage approvals, downloads, history, and annotate PDFs online
  • Ads - control availability of ad types, categories, sizes, and color space
  • Emails - manage the automatic notification system, add or edit messages
  • Payment - adjust payments, prices, and discount levels
  • Reports - view and print monthly executive and finance resports
  • Permissions - set controls for Sarbones Oxley (SOX) industry compliance
  • Statistics - track, measure and report on ad traffic over the web
  • Notification - automatically send and receive emails to customers and staff
  • Training - guided system configuration and training for key staff
  • Support - online tutorials, help and glossary
  • Phone - support available to staff 24 hours
  • Compatibility - with Ad Wizard Power Tools including data feeds, photo listings and pagination modules

...Always online and available to staff and managers 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Read about Power Tools, the Real Estate Sales System, or the Automotive Sales System.

24-hour ad sales

Standard Ad Wizard includes everthing you need to:

  • Market ads
  • Price ads
  • Spec ads
  • Proofread ads
  • Sell ads
  • Process ads
  • Build ads
  • Report on ads
  • Schedule ads
...online, anytime
Pay as you go
Like a cell phone payment plan, you pay a one-time start-up fee and then a monthly amount after that. Many newspapers recoup their fees having sold as few as eight Ad Wizard ads a week.
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